Innovative Wood Inspection Products

Wood Inspection Resistance Drills and Products

IML has developed a wide range of wood testing systems for accurate wood inspection analysis. From digital measurements to sound velocity testing you can rest assured that you will attain accurate wood quality data in a quick and easy manner. Discover wood decay, cavities or rot within a few minutes with a lightweight drill, sound velocity measurement tool or fractometer.

IML-RESI Systems are wood inspection drills that penetrate the wood product leaving resistance measurements that display any soft wood, rot or cavities present in the wood. These tools are great for utility pole inspections, timber wood testing, tree and construction testing.

We offer three types of resistance drills:

Detects wood cavities, cracks and decay in its early stages including brown and white wood decay. The IML Micro Hammer provides easy and fast wood quality measurements for wood inspection based on the speed it takes a sound impulse to travel through the wood product.

The Fractometer assists in the evaluation of stability and strength of wood using the wooden core extracted with the increment borer. The obtained objective values for the bending fracture moment, fracture angle and fracture energy provide the basis for statements about the bending fracture strength and the compression strength.

There are two types of Fractometers offered at IML:

The IML Measuring Table helps you evaluate the annual rings of wooden cores and tree discs in a quick and easy manner. The growth behavior of trees provides important information about climatic circumstances and temporary or persistent changes of the environmental conditions.