Support your VTA & Capture Precise Data

Support your VTA & Capture Precise Data

Two versions, one powerful technology. For over 30 years, resistance drilling has been a leading tree inspection method worldwide. During the visual tree assessment, the arborist takes notes of areas that require further investigation. Join industry leaders and add a new level of service by providing strong, supportive material illustrating the condition of the internal state of the wood. The resistance drill captures accurate and precise results to increase safety and tree preservation.

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F-Series Wax Paper Inspection Drill

Due to it’s time in service, pricepoint and the opportunity to start with a discounted refurbished unit, the F-Series drill is among the most common inspection model in the tree industry. The F-Series is simple and straightforward with one setting switching from hard to softwood. Each drilling is captured on a wax paper strip with a sensitivity level that spikes as the bit enters each tree ring and drops in resistance as soon as a defect is detected.

PD-Series Digital Inspection Drill

The newest model, the PD-Series digital resistance drill, operating with dual motors to enhance sensitivity to the state of the wood, is a precise method of exposing inner defects at an early stage. Neat, clean & professional, the PD-Series measurements record the drill settings, measurement data and are quickly exported in a PDF format.

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