WoodInspector Pole Inspection Software

Wooden pole replacements may become costly and inaccurate inspections can lead to an unsafe work environment. Automate and add simplicity and precision to your wood pole inspection by utilizing WoodInspector to estimate the remaining strength in determining whether a pole has a pass or fail result. This program captures any cracks, defects, decay, or cavity found inside the wood. Choose either a calculation summarizing the percentage of detected decay and cavity or remaining wall thickness that determines a failed pole in need of replacement, a marginal pole in which you may begin treatment or place on a shorter inspection cycle, or a passing pole in stable condition. With WoodInspector you can fast-track your pole inspections by receiving automatic pass, fail and marginal results based on your predetermined values.

Save years of inspection records easily accessible for comparison and review. Colored graphs, detailed views, and comparison modes simplify the analysis and facilitate clear data filing structures. Woodrecords your pole ID and in a matter of seconds you can upload all inspection data to your computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. Save a considerable amount of time at the end of the day by having WoodInspectoranalyze your data and export to an Excel sheet categorizing your pass, fail and marginal results. This program helps improve documentation, budget forecasting, safety and the management of measurement data obtained by wood inspections. A simple, convenient, and thorough method for wooden pole inspections.

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Standard Inspection Practice:

We recommend that you wear all safety equipment required and direct your drills away from any live cables attached to the pole. A complete pole inspection with the IML Resistance Drill takes approximately five minutes. By using the drill for a few minutes at each pole, each drilling can help capture the remaining strength and help you determine the safety of that pole.

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WoodInspector Benefits:

  • Know the state of the pole’s internal wood
  • Collect measurement data for accurate pole treatment determinations
  • Give the operator instant wood quality knowledge to increase safety
  • Quickly sync measurements to your computer via Bluetooth
  • Easily export the data to other software systems
  • Assist with budget forecasting with sample testing

Application Areas: