PD Tools Measurement Software

PD Tools is automatically included with the PD-Series inspection drill. PD Tools is downloaded into your computer (currently Windows compatible) and receives the graphs from the inspection drill and from here, you can export and save the data for your records. The standard version lets you configure, transfer, analyze, magnify, print and save the measurements.

Standard Features:

  • Transmit measurements – from the inspection drill to the software
  • Modify the measurement data and copy this onto other measurements
  • Print – single measurements
  • Graph Assessment- analyze and add colored markers indicating cavity, decay & etc.
  • View – zoom in on the y or x axis, mirror the curve and view the drilling and feed curve separately

Pro Version

PD Tools Pro is recommended if you are conducting a large amount of inspections and if you need to dig deeper into your measurements. This program is an add-on feature that enables you to assess the graphs with averaging, tree ring analysis, and simultaneous display by transmitting the drilling in real time and displaying it in your PD Tools PRO program installed on a PC or handheld device. WoodInspector, utility pole inspection software, includes all features of PD Tools Pro.

Additional PRO Features:

  • Average the Curve – add an averaged curve to your diagram
  • Annual Ring Analysis – mark each annual ring and save the data in various formats
  • Print All – print all opened graphs in PD Tools Pro at once. This enables the “all” function to print them all to one PDF or altogether. More options include printing more than one graph to a page and changing the view preferences.
  • Export Formats – additional export options that let you integrate with other programs such as Excel and word processing applications.
  • Transmitting Measurements Simultaneously – transmit measurements to the software in real-time while conducting an inspection – via Bluetooth connection with the drill
  • Delete All Measurements – after the measurements are exported all graphs will be deleted
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System Details

  • Windows Operating System (Android and IOS are currently being developed)
  • PD Tools/Pro is available in both centimeters or inches
  • Pro export options are compatible with GIS
  • Languages: English & German (Spanish and French coming soon)
  • Common Exporting Options:
    • ASCII Format (Pro): Especially popular with WoodInspector to export results to Excel
    • EMF Format (Pro): Useful for exporting the graphic to a Word processing program
    • PDF: Saves the image of the graph and results as seen on the PD Tools Pro Page

Please contact us if you would like to try a demo of our software or if you have any specific software requirements or requests.