Annual service inspection

IML service inspection and calibration

In order to guarantee the measuring accuracy of IML products, regular maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments should be carried out by our qualified service team. The inspection of measuring instruments should be carried out at yearly intervals

An inspection includes:

  • Complete function and safety test
  • The unit is disassembled, the functional parts precisely controlled and checked
  • All mechanical moving parts are cleaned and permanently lubricated with special Long-life oil
  • Implementation of test measurements and final calibration
  • A detailed service report and calibration/test sheet is provided for your records

Repair & spare parts

If your instrument needs exceptional repairs, we’ll inform you immediately and provide you with a cost estimate for repairs. Repair will be made only after prior approval and consultation.

Quick turnaround & streamline results

Please complete the service request form below and email it ahead or include it in your drill case for service and repairs. With this form our technician can provide a faster and more accurate assessment of any service or repairs.


When you return your measurement instruments for service inspections include only the inspection drill and remove any accessories or expendable materials such as bits, wax paper strips, manuals, batteries, chargers or toolkits.

Special Service Discount

Apply special savings when you order disposables, such as inspection drill bits or wax paper strips, in conjunction with a service and calibration. Valid only when your inspection drill is sent in for its annual calibration.

Service Form