Our Services

IML offers many services to increase the simplicity and ease of purchasing and operating an IML wood inspection tool. Whether you’re looking to inspect trees, bridges, timber, utility poles or guardrails we have a product designed to fit your needs and the customer service to support your operators. Our service team is available any time you may need assistance. IML is a member of the NH Better Business Bureau with an A rating in serving our customers.

  • Manufacturing Wood Inspections Products
  • Annual Resistance Drill Calibration and Repairs
  • On-Site & Online Training Opportunities
  • Demonstration Services
  • Resistance Drill Rentals
  • IML Product Leasing

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Manufacturing Wood Inspection Products

We have designed a wide variety of wood inspection instruments that range from Fractometers, Sound Velocity Measurement Tools and Wood Resistance Drills. IML has been developing wood inspection products for over 35 years with increasing knowledge of the needs of our customers. Our product sales have expanded to include wood inspection software and books (after Claus Mattheck). Talk with us to learn more about our product line and what inspection tool best fits your company.

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Annual Resistance Drill Calibration & Repair

In order to guarantee the measuring accuracy of IML products, regular maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments should be carried out by our qualified service team. The service and calibration of the inspection drills are due on an annual basis. Wood inspection drills experience wear and tear out in the field and should be properly cared for and maintained for optimal operation.

An inspection includes:

  • Complete function and safety test
  • The unit is disassembled, the functional parts precisely controlled and checked
  • All mechanical moving parts are cleaned and permanently lubricated with special Long-life oil
  • Implementation of test measurements and final calibration
  • A detailed service report and calibration/test sheet is provided for your records

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On-Site & Online Training Opportunities

We offer complimentary drill training online for your operators to help make your wood inspection process as simple and easy as possible. On-site training is available to customers who prefer to have our knowledgeable training manager in-person to train their crew. For on-site training, we just ask that the customer cover the travel expense for the trainer.

Why get trained?

  • Extend the life of your drill equipment
  • Get optimal and accurate measurement results
  • Minimize service and support calls
  • Increase education about the drill process

Demonstration Services

We offer online demo services to give you an overview of how our drills work and how they can fit your individual need. In some cases we are able to travel to your location, but we ask that you speak with a representative and allow them to help you discover the best drill and demo you may need. We also have many videos of our drills being used for various roles such as utility pole inspection, timber testing, bridge inspection, and tree inspection that may help you get an idea of how our drills operate.

Resistance Drill Rentals

Wood Inspection Drills are available for rent depending on the type of drill in the rental inventory at the requested time. We keep a small stock of available drills for rent and we ask that you schedule your drill rental in advance. We have several IML-RESI PD and IML-RESI F drills available for rent for your various wood inspection needs. Our rental drills can be rented for any period of time and we ask that the renter fill out a rental agreement form that includes an overview of the details. Contact our office to speak with one of our representatives about renting a resistance drill.