Pole Inspection Drills

Capture non-subjective results of the utility pole below ground in just a few minutes. [...]

Restoration of the Vineum in Meersburg – How Holzbau Schmäh impresses with the IML PowerDrill®

The IML PowerDrill® allows you to look inside the wood without causing serious damage to [...]

Support your VTA & Capture Precise Data

Two versions, one powerful technology. For over 30 years, resistance drilling has been a leading [...]

Drilling resistance measurement device for professional inspection of trees and wood

With a drilling resistance measuring instrument like the IML-RESI PowerDrill the internal structure of trees [...]

Feed force measurement – Simply know what nobody sees – Advantage through technology

High accuracy for hard wood and early wood decay The feed force is the force [...]

IML & PD Instrumentos Team Up to Provide First Rate Service for South America

South America is a guest in Wiesloch Members from PD-Instrumentos, a company from Jarinu in [...]